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Over two decades of experience in construction business worldwide, timely completion of first-class projects and a solid reputation are just some of the reasons why the Global Top Group are a reliable partner for investing in real estate. Besides building high quality condominiums with a vast array of facilities in the best locations of the city, the Global Top Group also offers management services that cover your properties for rental or reselling purposes.


The company has maintenance services with high standards to ensure that the property will be well maintained and will continue to gain more value through the years. 

Property Tour by Global Top Group is designed to help you make a smart decision for your investment.

During the last couple of decades, Pattaya's real estate industry has proved its high investment potential. The Global Top Group always encourages their prospective investors to practice due diligence in studying all the information of the property that they are going to purchase.

To facilitate the process of decision-making for a serious overseas investor, Global Top Group has prepared a special Property Tour program that invites you to visit Pattaya.


The Global Top Group will introduce you to the Pattaya real estate market. A sales representative will explain its peculiarities; help you to choose a project that best meets your expectations for your investment. You will see the high quality of construction and the finishing of each and every one of the company's projects. The Global Top Group will take you on a private property tour, covering the hottest tourist spots in the city and you will have time to also visit all of our projects.

We will further explain your investment opportunities and how you will start gaining sure profit in three-year's time. The package also includes hotel accommodation with breakfast and lunch as well as 'the city introduction' which will give you the taste of Pattaya. Abundance of seasonality, trendy places, dynamic lifestyle and excellent city infrastructure, all contributes to the attractiveness of Pattaya as a promising destination for investment. 

It is undeniable that Pattaya ranks very high on the list as the most comfortable and convenient seaside resort cities for both for living and business.

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Thailand’s Economy

The last four decades were marked with remarkable progress in social and economic spheres in Thailand. 

According to the report of the World Bank, in 2011 Thailand became an upper-middle income economy and is recognized as ‘one of the great development success stories’. Poverty has declined over the last three decades from 67% to 11%, and the level of unemployment is only about 0.9%.

The main sectors of the economy are industrial and service ones, including automobiles and automotive spare parts production, financial services, electric appliances and components. Tourism with its 8% revenues from international visitors makes a considerable contribution to the Thai economy and accumulates more profit than the same sector in the neighboring countries.

Regardless of the impressive achievements, the Thailand economy remains export-dependent with exports accounting up to 60% in GDP. The largest export sector in Thailand is electronics (about 15%). Thailand is the world’s third largest seafood exporter, and for a long time it has also been the number one world’s exporter of rice, yielding its leadership for a short time to India and Vietnam, but regaining the status again.

Thailand comes second (after China) in the world in hard-drives making and the ninth in automotive industry.

The major trade partners of the country are China, Japan, the Unites States, Hong Kong and Malaysia.


Real estate market in Thailand has been booming during the last decade.

It is not only in seaside resort cities where a huge demand from holiday-makers or local expatriates from abroad make new projects start mushrooming. Bangkok and many of the largest provincial capitals throughout the country are experiencing a major facelift in the sphere of real estate trigged up by demographic growth. The domestic migration of the population from rural areas to bigger cities serves as a driving force for further changes. 

There is a constant demand for economical units and they are supplied in large quantities in Bangkok, Chiang Mai, Chiang Rai, Khon Kaen and the like. The Thais are actively buying housing both for living in the cities where they reside and work, and as a second home in all the popular tourist destinations on the Eastern Seaboard, down in the Gulf, on the Andaman Coast or in the North. 

In 2011, the World Bank revised the status of Thailand’s economy upgrading it to an upper-middle one. 

It means that more and more households nationwide can afford more expensive housing; the number of those looking for luxury real estate is also on the rise. And the exclusive expensive villas and condominiums occupying the best central city location or sitting comfortably right on the shores of the most popular sea resort cities are not in deficiency. National and foreign developers and contractors introduce high world standards of design, construction and finishing, presenting housing and commercial quality projects, which attract the international investors’ attention. 

Regardless the constant increase of price indexes on houses and condominium units by international standards prices on real estate in Thailand remain delightfully attractive. Strong economics provides reliable prospects for capital gain in the long-run. 

Even with the worldwide economic slowdown, the future of real estate in Thailand remains bright and promising.


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