Updated: Jul 23, 2020

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Can a foreigner buy a condominium in Thailand is what many foreigners dream about?The answer is, “Yes, just as locals can.”It’s on everyone’s mind especially after having an unforgettable vacation here and not wanting to leave. “To live in a tropical paradise and get away from the hi cost of living and the hustle and bustle of your home country.”

What most foreigners do not know is that it is very possible to make one’s dreams come true. Thailand is one of the freest and most affordable countries to live out an amazing life without giving up on the quality of living. If anything, the quality of life will be greatly elevated.

Imagine living in a refreshing tropical paradise with radiant sunlit days and calming and sedative sunsets. Awaken every morning by the birds in the distance bathing themselves in the mesmerizing warmth of the sun.

Thailand is one of very few country’s that is the easiest to invest or relocate towards. Buying a Condo in Thailand is one of the greatest luxuries.

Global Top Group in Pattaya Thailand is one company that assists their Expats through an easy and risk-free process of owning your new home or investment in tropical bliss. Global Top Group is one of very few companies that is able to purchase their own land and give all foreigners the benefit of Freehold, which gives them the ownership of their condo for life. If at any time they wish to relinquish or transfer their condo they can do so. But if not then its theirs for a lifetime. If you are wanting to buy a condo for investment to rent out and to have for your holidays here, Thailand offers tax free purchase. To purchase a condominium in Thailand you must have a checking account that is easy as 123 to open at the financial institution of your choice. This you will need to buy your condo to exchange your currency to Thai Baht.

So, say yes! to buying your condominium in the tropical paradise of Thailand as your new home or just for investment.

Let Global Top Group make your dreams become reality. Investing in Global Top Group is investing in your future.

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