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Updated: Jul 22, 2020

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Majority of the Expats come to Pattaya for the first time on holiday. Falling in love with this beach lined tropical paradise, City of Pattaya and its location to the international airport in Bangkok, this is one of the main reasons many foreigners relocate to Pattaya and of course because of its endless activities and attractions for young, old, ingle or as a family. Pattaya has something for everyone.

Unlike the US for example whether you are paying for rent, food, shopping etc.… you will always pay the main price then you will have to pay taxes on top of that. If you pay at a restaurant you will pay the price of your meal, taxes plus an 10-15% gratuity on top of the cost. Here in Thailand what you see is what you pay there are no hidden cost. This is the luxury of living in Pattaya the most luxurious lifestyle where you will gain a greater quality and healthier lifestyle that we all deserve.

Another example is the cost of housing. Here in Pattaya you can rent a home with all the luxuries of life starting around 15,000bht this is approx. 4-500USD. In the US you cannot rent a studio this this price. In this day and time most people whether you are retired or not you live on a budget. For this reason and all it has to offer makes Pattaya the expat number one destination of the world.

Here in Pattaya you can be swept away with freedom and living a calming lifestyle. Unlike most countries here in Pattaya everything is at your fingertips. Beaches, shopping, nightlife, family life experiences and all in your control. You have the freedom to get on a motor bike taxi, truck taxi or bus and go where you want to go for a minimal price. Where most countries to have this freedom, you have to own your own car or pay exponentially for limited public transportation.

You hear many scary things about Pattaya, Thailand and its safety but compared to most Asian countries it is the safest place to live. The people here are warm, friendly and kind. Of course, as with anywhere you have to use your common sense and judgement for your own safety.

Also compared to other Asian countries Thailand has one of the best infrastructures, for example you will have or always be able to find good quality internet access and the Electricity system is impeccable holding up to the severest of storms. You will not be left out in the dark.

Medical care is impeccable, with some of the best hospitals and quality of care for an affordable price, as I said you are not paying for the extra frills most countries add to the bills. You will pay just for what you get.

In Thailand an expat can buy their own little part of paradise with buying a condo. Yes, you can own your own condo, your little piece of heaven. As with Global Top Group, the development company voted as having the number one investment properties, they assist many expats with their dreams from assisting with purchasing their condo, information services which helps guides expats with their day to day living questions. Being able to offering foreigners loans from our company instead of a bank. This is the sign of a strong and healthy company to put your faith in.

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