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Updated: Jul 23, 2020

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For over a decade, countless satisfied customers in Pattaya have trusted Global Top Group with the management of their property investments. They enjoy peace of mind knowing ALL aspects of their property investment are being professionally managed by us. Now, you can enjoy the benefits of owning real estate without the headache.

The heart of our company is “the build”. Using our own internally structured and funded construction company - all projects follow a tight schedule. Construction is started on time, finished and delivered on time. We source only the highest-grade materials for our projects. Our resources are deployed with a goal of maximum efficiency in the speed of our build.

At your service, a staff of diverse and dedicated teams of multi-lingual professionals. Counting thousands of successfully completed transactions in every imaginable aspect of condominiums from ownership issues to maintenance & repair to rental/resale - in every imaginable language.

Communications will be made in your preferred tongue, wherever you are, on any matters concerning your property. With today’s technology, and a helping hand on the other side – anything can be accomplished remotely.

We make your ongoing satisfaction and customer service our goal. For example, negotiating title transfer at the Land office is easy with us by your side. Your property will be delivered in perfect order - and maintained to keep functionality and operation optimal for you and your customers. Never hesitate to reach out, we’re listening.

On profitability, we are your Advocate. Everything from advertising to tenant vetting, for the security of your property, as well as securing deposits and rents is taken care of. All necessary business interactions Check ins and outs, cleanings & re-preparation, professionally completed.

We can provide Loans, mortgages and special payment plans. Please come in and let us know what you need - we can make it happen.

Providing security for your investment, and your profitable future with Global Top Group.

Get in contact with us ➡️ Website: http://www.globaltopgroup.com ➡️ Line ID: @globaltopgroup ➡️ WhatsApp: +66907417417 ➡️ WeChat (微信):gtg0907417417 ➡️ Contact No.: +66 (0)907417417

➡️ Email: onlinesales@globaltopgroup.com