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Updated: Jul 22, 2020

How To Rent A Motor Bike In Pattaya, Condo, Pattaya, Buy, Sale, Rent

The most popular modes of transportation in Thailand are motor bikes due to many reasons, ex. Affordability, accessibility, advantages such as parking and being able to move through traffic easily not to mention the fun and freedom you will feel driving through this tropical paradise. etc. There are a variety of sizes and styles of motor bikes that are rentable, (Three wheeled, motor bikes with side, muscle bikes and even stylish bikes like Harley Davidson.)

There are several motor bike rental services through out Pattaya. Hotel and Guest Houses usually have their own bike rentals not to mention many companies, independent and individual motorbike rental services. Rental fees basically decided upon the sizes and styles of bikes you are interested in. For the basic smaller bikes expect to pay 150-250 per day. The bigger the bike the more you will pay. Super bikes or stylish bikes as in Harley Davidson you could pay up to 1000 bht per day. The longer you rent the bike the cheaper you will pay. Weekly and Monthly payment options are sometimes not advertised but are available upon your request. There’s always a place for negotiations. Deposits will be required, sometimes as low as a rental fee just depends on the vendors and what they quote. Insurance is also included in the rental. *Here’s an important tip: Even though the agencies have insurance for you, remember the insurance is basically for the bike itself, make sure you ask questions pertaining to coverage for yourself and others. Make sure before you buy the insurance that the company accepts the license you have. To be clear, there are no stupid question. Discuss all options with the agencies.

Documents required, some vendors may require to keep a copy of your passport and know the address where you are staying. Some vendors may want to keep your passport, it is best to shy away from these vendors and us the ones that work with a photocopy. Many vendors will not ask for a drives license but by law you are required to have a motorbike license from you home country or an international drivers license. Rentals of super bikes and designer bikes the requirements may be stricter. When driving in Thailand everyone is required to wear a crash helmet including passengers. Drive with your lights on, wear sensible shoes, (no flip flops or sandals) and DO NOT DRINK AND DRIVE these are requirements by law. Ensure that rental agency put the correct documents, (Rental Contract, proof of insurance and the vendors contact information) make sure the motor bike itself is current on road taxes and if you need to buy more insurance than what they offer these are required under the seat and that they are up to date. There are frequent stops by the police to check that you are driving the motorbike within the law mentioned above. Be sure pictures are taken with the vendor by your side before you take the bike and after you return the bike.

When driving the motor bike ensure that all your senses are heighten at all times, and to say but imagine everyone is after you.Monitor other vehicles passing on the wrong side of you, Baht Buses have a bad habit of cutting in front of you or stopping unexpectedly. Imagine anything that may happen in your mind you keep you alert and safe.It is always better to be safe than sorry.

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